Who We Are


We are passionate about improving the quality and longevity of people's lives. We affect a positive change in the lives of everyday people.


We are focused on inspiring good energy and the development of great innovation so we can help people prosper in a safe and healthy way.


We stay true to our brand values and ensure that all our products are 100% Australian made. We want to be remembered as being A Cause For Good.

Our Mission

To overcome adversary and improve quality of life through the innovation of health solutions that make a difference.

A Cause For Good is committed to contributing 100% of profits from our sales toward furthering Australian research and development. The entirety of our contribution goes towards the Graduate Institute of Innovation, a platform providing eligible university graduates with the opportunity to harness their passion and unique skill sets to make a difference. It’s here that the goal starts and ends with innovating and producing products that ultimately become A Cause For Good, bettering the lives of everyday people.


Clinically tested and proven


Formulated with you in mind


100% of profits donated


Designed to make a difference

Where the Cause begins

At A Cause For Good, we are proud of our part in creating opportunities for young Australians who have the potential to change the world but who have never been given the chance to do so.

Recent studies show that one-in-three young Australian university graduates are unable to find work in their area of study and one-in-five lose hope of ever having a career that they are passionate about. The Graduate Institute Of Innovation (GIOI) is a platform that nurtures passion and encourages the minds of our future to achieve new levels of greatness and improve the lives of individuals around the globe.

Offering tertiary education graduates the opportunity to thrive in their chosen field, the GIOI is more than a collective of forward-thinking individuals, it’s a movement focused on bringing Australia to the forefront of positive change. A cycle of change, the innovations produced at the GIOI ultimately become the products of A Cause For Good.


"We pride ourselves on next-level motor servicing, so it's only fitting that we ensure every car that goes through our shop is cleaned with A Cause For Good's antibacterial spray."

Greg, Volksmuller Annangrove

"I deal with my clients' skin everyday, and I can't stand the harsh feeling that regular alcohol-based sanitiser leaves on my hands; that's why I prefer to use A Cause For Good's 'A clean you.' as my go-to sanitiser."

Kelly, Urban Spa Macquarie

"I switch from hands-on installations to design in the office constantly in a day. A Cause For Good has made it convenient to keep my hands and workspace both clean and smelling great."

Alden, Rhino Rack Sydney

"During these uncertain times of COVID-19, cleaning and the safety of my staff and members is my highest priority. ACFG has not only produced an easy, hassle-free product to use, but also extremely safe and effective."

Nathan, XXX Fight Academy Sydney