Frequently Asked Questions

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  • A Cause For Good is an organisation bringing innovative health solutions directly to everyday people. By focusing on improving quality of life and giving back to our community, every purchase with A Cause For Good affords new opportunities for the minds of our future.

  • A cycle of change, the innovations produced at the Graduate Institute of Innovation ultimately become the products of A Cause For Good.

  • 100% of the profit from your purchase will go toward furthering Australian research and development, through the Graduate Institute of Innovation.

  • The formulation of A Cause For Good's disinfectant products is 100% plant-based. By combining minerals and botanicals found in nature, there is no need for toxic ingredients or the use of alcohol in our products.

    In terms of recyclability, all of our cans and card packaging can be placed in your household recycling bin.

  • Log reduction refers to the measurement of how effectively a product reduces the concentration of a contaminant. The greater the log reduction, the more efficient the solution.

    A Cause For Good's disinfectant products carry a log reduction of 6, meaning that only 1 germ out of 1 million will survive, thereby achieving a bacterial kill rate of 99.9999%.

  • All our products have a shelf-life of three years from the manufacture date, including time the product is stored and unopened.

  • Only our product 'A Clean You.' is permitted to be carried on an airplane. This is in line with Australian Border Force regulations, which state that aerosols must be in containers of 100ml or 100g or less. Since 'A Clean You.' is 70g in NET weight, it can be carried on an airplane given that it is placed in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag.

  • Stay tuned! The dedicated team at A Cause For Good are currently working hard to bring you new innovative products that will improve your quality of life.

  • Further information (including certifications and registrations) for our disinfectants can be downloaded by scanning the QR code on the back of your ACFG cans. Alternatively, you can download the document here.

  • For all other inquiries, feel free to email us at or via submitting a form through our Contact Us page.


"We pride ourselves on next-level motor servicing, so it's only fitting that we ensure every car that goes through our shop is cleaned with A Cause For Good's antibacterial spray."

Greg, Volksmuller Annangrove

"I deal with my clients' skin everyday, and I can't stand the harsh feeling that regular alcohol-based sanitiser leaves on my hands; that's why I prefer to use A Cause For Good's 'A clean you.' as my go-to sanitiser."

Kelly, Urban Spa Macquarie

"I switch from hands-on installations to design in the office constantly in a day. A Cause For Good has made it convenient to keep my hands and workspace both clean and smelling great."

Alden, Rhino Rack Sydney

"During these uncertain times of COVID-19, cleaning and the safety of my staff and members is my highest priority. ACFG has not only produced an easy, hassle-free product to use, but also extremely safe and effective."

Nathan, XXX Fight Academy Sydney