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"We pride ourselves on next-level motor servicing, so it's only fitting that we ensure every car that goes through our shop is cleaned with A Cause For Good's antibacterial spray."

Greg, Volksmuller Annangrove

"I deal with my clients' skin everyday, and I can't stand the harsh feeling that regular alcohol-based sanitiser leaves on my hands; that's why I prefer to use A Cause For Good's 'A clean you.' as my go-to sanitiser."

Kelly, Urban Spa Macquarie

"I switch from hands-on installations to design in the office constantly in a day. A Cause For Good has made it convenient to keep my hands and workspace both clean and smelling great."

Alden, Rhino Rack Sydney

"During these uncertain times of COVID-19, cleaning and the safety of my staff and members is my highest priority. ACFG has not only produced an easy, hassle-free product to use, but also extremely safe and effective."

Nathan, XXX Fight Academy Sydney